Wilsonart debuts the Wilsonart Quartz collection

Versatile. Consistent. Translucent. Ambiguous, Hard, Shiny, Cool to the touch, Modern, Colourful. Resilient.

What material has so many natural and manmade characteristics and equally captivates consumers and designers?

Survey says: quartz, the doppelgänger of stone.

This high-tech manmade material is equally suited for the home as it is for a hospital, hotel, office or resort. As the earth’s second most abundant mineral, quartz offers unlimited opportunities for discovery among homeowners, architects and builders.

“Bringing our own quartz line to the market furthers our ability to provide customers with a full spectrum of decorative surface options for any project they may embark upon,” says Alison DeMartino, Wilsonart director of Marketing Communications. “As both our residential and commercial customers have discovered, quartz can fulfill a number of roles for both its aesthetics and performance. We are catering to that demand and doing it in a beautiful and inspiring way, with the heritage of timely delivery and quality customer service our customers expect.”

The inaugural Wilsonart Quartz patterns celebrate discovery with designs inspired by locations and cultures from as far away as the Gobi desert to the Midwest skies of the U.S. and native peoples of the Americas, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Quartz designs can be broken into four simple categories based on structure. Each structure offers a particular look that can be tailored to design goals. By late spring 2015, the stunning selection of 50 patterns will showcase a full range of colours, textures and four structures: Fine and Small Scale; Medium Scale; Large Scale; and Veining and Movement.

Fine and Small Scale Structures

The Fine and Small scale collection offers clean, low contrast, and streamlined looks. Subtle concrete with touches of sparkle, Soapstone with a dappled appearance, and small aggregate looks allow you to be modern and minimalist, or sleek and sophisticated.

Medium Scale Structures

When you want an understated look but don’t want to sacrifice visual interest, the Medium scale designs offer colour variation in most of the designs. No matter your style, contemporary or traditional, this collection offers choices that will not overwhelm your space.

Large Scale Structures

Large scale structures create bold interpretations in design. From terrazzo looks to subtle movement this collection offers increased style for distinctive spaces.

Veining and Movement

Making a statement with drama and visual impact can easily be accomplished with the designs in the Veining and Movement collection. Inspired by classic white marbles, Turkish red marbles, or an haute couture look of tortoise shell.

“Identifying these designs was a process of discovery, not unlike our journeys to places that often inform and influence our interior design choices,” says Gwen Petter, Wilsonart director of Design. “Our interiors speak to where we’ve been and where we’re going. They are the embodiment of discovery and inspire us as we embark on this new product category.”

The new product line represents the best in global design and state-of-the-art manufacturing, and will be delivered through Wilsonart’s exclusive distribution network. Wilsonart Quartz joins the family of engineered surface options led by Wilsonart® Laminate and Solid Surface products, as well as other engineered surfaces for a range of commercial and residential applications. Wilsonart Quartz meets all industry standards including UL GREENGUARD Gold for Indoor Air Quality and NSF International Seal for Safe Surfaces for Food Preparation.

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