Humanscale – the pioneer in ergonomics and workplace design – goes to Milan

Ergonomics leader Humanscale will exhibit its latest designs at SaloneUfficio, International Workspace Exhibition within Salone Internazionale del Mobileat the Milan Furniture Fair 2015, which is the largest trade show of its kind. Humanscale will showcase a suite of products that define the Active Workspace for the modern office at Stand C15-21 in Pavilion 24 at the Milan Fairgrounds.

As research continues to emerge about the effects of inactivity, Humanscale, the pioneer in ergonomics and workplace design, continues to create new ways tomake workspaces more active, comfortable and healthy by creating intuitive products that adjust to the user. Humanscale will introduce its newest products designed to promote the Active Workspace and inspire workers to move throughout the day, including the Ballo stool, the sit/stand desk solution QuickStand, the award-winning Horizon LED task light, and the Trea multipurpose chair.


Created by legendary designer Don Chadwick, Ballo is a multipurpose stool for short-term, active sitting. Drawing inspirationfrom the playfulness of the exercise ball, Ballo is well-suited for both professional and residential settings and can be customized in a variety offun, vibrant colors. Composed of a spool-shaped central column with two air-filled domes for the base and the seat, Ballo promotes low intensity physical activity and helps to reduce sedentary behavior.


The Horizon LED task light, a visually striking fusion of form and function, is the first utilization of Thin Film LED Technology in a task light. Using a series of high-intensity LEDs surrounding several layers of polycarbonate and opticalfilms, Thin Film LED Technology produces an ultra-wide footprint of warm, glare-free 3000K light – excellent for ergonomic illumination and beautiful light in any environment. In addition, the Horizon LED task light’s built-in dimmer control provides both energy savings and adjustable levels of illumination. 


A sit/stand solution that retrofits existing desks, QuickStand allows the user to transition between sitting and standing positions effortlessly. QuickStand can be clamped like a monitor arm to any fixed-height work surface. Its central column holds a monitor, an integrated cable harness, and a platform for a keyboard, and can be adjusted to the desired height of the vast majority of users by simply raising the platform. Available in a number of configurations, including those with dual monitor requirements, QuickStand can accommodate nearly any application or specification.


Created by New York designer Todd Bracher, Trea is a multipurpose chair appropriate for a wide variety of spaces, such as conference rooms and cafeterias, a side chair in the workplace or as an office chair in the home. Built with an innovative solid state recline mechanism that automatically maintains control for the sitter without the need for adjusting, Trea provides up to 12 degrees of recline for a balanced posture in any position. Trea features a molded, contoured backrest that supports the body’s natural curves and provides lumbar support. Available with a number of finishes and base styles (four-leg, four-star and cantilever), Trea can be customized for any setting.


Humanscale is the premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. Achieving more with less, Humanscale’s product designs have been honored with more than 150 awards since 2007 and featured in various museums such as the Museum of Modern Art.

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