Ciot porcelain stoneware for exterior use can stand up to anything Canadian weather can dish out

Ciot is introducing a complete program of porcelain stoneware for exterior use that is perfectly adapted to Canada’s cold winter conditions. Ciot offers a wide array of colours and finishes that can be coordinated to any outdoor lifestyle.

Porcelain stoneware exterior pavers with their thickness of 20mm are resistant to frost, abrasion, stains and compression. Their finish is durable and easy to clean. Their slip-resistant properties make them ideal for pool surrounds. Some models are available in a thickness of 10mm and 20mm, which allows for consistent look from the inside to the outside of a property.

Available in several sizes, these pavers offer high technical performance and incomparable aesthetics in a multitude of looks, such as natural stone, wood and concrete. In addition, 20mm thick pavers are easy to install and do not require the help of a professional installer. Unlike concrete pavers, porcelain pavers are thinner, mold and oil-stain resistant.

Exterior porcelain pavers are perfectly adapted for dry, traditional or raised installation. Special trim pieces such as flower bed edging, pool borders and other parts, steps, internal or external angle elements, etc., are available in many of Ciot’s collections for an upscale elegant look.

Porcelain tile and pavers advantages: • safe, with its slip-resistant property ; • water, rain, chlorine and salt resistant ; • will not discolour, is insensitive to frost, sun, mildew and requires no treatment (also washable with a high pressure washer) ; • some colours have an irs between 60 per cent and 80 per cent, by which this material has a low capacity of heat absorption ; • special decorative pieces ensure a unified look to neighboring living spaces such as patios, walls, columns and interior.

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