Lladr announces the opening of two new boutiques – one in Miami, the other in Beverly Hills

Lladró The Spanish artistic porcelain company, one of the most renowned and prestigious international brands, is proud to present its new flagship stores, one in the Miami Design District, the other at Two Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills.

With the opening of these two new stores, Lladró consolidates 20 years of strong presence on Rodeo Drive and brings its magic to the cosmopolitan and strategic city of Miami. The opening of both flagship boutiques continues their commitment to give loyal customers a unique retail experience while their international expansion offers these same opportunities to new customers.

The new boutiques, surrounded by the world’s leading fashion, jewelry and home decor brands, will be perfect for Lladró’s innovative collections as well as the new classics of the brand; an ideal environment to showcase the very diverse creations within the Lladró catalogue, from decor to functional, including the brand’s latest venture into the lighting world.


The design of the new boutiques is driven by the Lladró family’s creative vision, which has always been central to the brand’s constant evolution. Its unique distinctive appearance, based primarily on the colour white and curved lines, was conceived in conjunction with the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, who has been collaborating with the brand for almost a decade now.

Says Rosa Lladró, the company’s president, “The interior design is inspired by the idea of creating a space where you feel at ease, where your eyes can wander and settle on the details and, in short, a place to let yourself be captivated. Using an organic contemporary language, the design of the stores seeks to offer the perfect frame for the whole breadth of the brand’s sculptures, regardless of the kind, shape or colour, while lending maximum visibility to the individual features of each piece. Here the different kinds and colouring do not compete with each other. Instead each one stands out within the space allotted to it. The simplicity of the display elements creates a platform where diversity does not produce confusion but offers each piece space to breathe.”

The art porcelain company presents these new stores, having ended 2014 with eight new openings around the world; Osaka, Hong Kong, St. Martin, Guatemala, Panama, Istanbul, Teheran and St. Thomas. The new points of sale are all part of the latest generation of Lladró stores located in the best shopping areas in the world’s top destinations, including New York, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Madrid and Cancun, among others.

These new boutiques are part of the brand’s expansion policy in place since 2012 when it opened a boutique at 500 Madison Ave. in New York – one of its international flagships – and, one year later, when it entered the Middle East market with an opening in Dubai.

The newly opened spaces worldwide are an addition to Lladró’s distribution network, which has nearly 1,000 points of sale across five continents. A network that counts on the value of those many distributors that have supported the brand since the beginning.


Thanks to the brand’s international expansion, which started in the 1960s, Lladró is now present on the five continents.

After seducing the U.S. public, the brand continued its expansion in Europe, mainly in countries with a strong tradition in porcelain, like the U.K. and Germany. The special popularity of Lladró creations within the Anglo-Saxon culture eased its entry into countries like Australia and New Zealand, while the conquest of the Japanese market started in the 1980s.

In 1986, the opening of the first Lladró boutique in New York City consolidated the presence of Lladró in this market and marked a milestone in the brand’s continuing expansion. And the process of internationalization steadily continued in emerging markets like Russia, Eastern Europe, India and continental China.

Despite its international status and appeal, Lladró has never lost its essence. All pieces are handmade in the brand’s workshops, following an entirely artisanal process that ensures each piece is unique. Lladró is a global company, but also a creative workshop: the biggest little atelier in the world.

For more information, visit http://www.lladro.com/