Say hello to Hank: an innovative light from Swedish company D75 Illuminants

D75 illuminants of Sweden presents a new lighting fixture for modern homes and public spaces. Hank is his name: he is a lamp, a hanger and a design piece that can be used to show off personal style.

Hank was designed to improve quality of life by being a welcoming source of light and a functional piece of furniture. He can be used to light up hallways, dressing rooms and as a hanger displaying personal style. Pretty things look much better outside of closets and drawers, especially when they are lighted.

Hank can be placed almost anywhere, thanks to available widths of 31.5” (800mm), 39.4” (1000mm) and 47.2” (1200mm). The lamp can be hung from the ceiling using the included wire accessories or directly against the ceiling without the end pieces. Using the included accessories , Hank is suitable for all spaces with up to 18-ft (5.5m) ceiling height.

Hank is available in Cumulus White, New Denim Blue, Curb Grey or Raw Steel.

Hank features a unique custom dimmer logic which allows for smooth flicker free dimming between 0 and 100 per cent light. The provided power supply is designed to do its job without attracting too much attention and is available for all markets.


D75 Illuminants is a Swedish producer of lighting for modern homes and public spaces. Shadows and the light itself are integral parts of the company’s designs. Made in Sweden.

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