Three H introduces Parkway, a comprehensive benching program that is more than a place to park

Three H has announced the official launch of its new benching and open-office system – called Parkway.

Three H is taking the increasingly popular concept of benching in office furniture applications to a new level of performance, quality and price competitiveness. How so? Here’s the story:

START WITH AN AWARD-WINNING PRODUCT DESIGNER Parkway is professionally designed by Jean Bourassa ADIQ and the Three H team led by Brian Conlin, COO. Says Conlin, “Our goal was to have the most simple, elegant and linear design to meet the most discerning tastes. The full length brushed aluminum, easy-open power/data lids highlight the minimalist, seamless look.”

CONTINUE BY FINESSING THE DETAILS Glass dividers (just one option of material choice) are not only frameless but are given a double beveled edge treatment that is noticeably higher end. Further, the absence of exposed connecting hardware makes Parkway visually clean and interruption free on the worksurface.

NOW ADD STRENGTH A steel-reinforced structure encases all cabling and provides an assembly process so fast, simple and strong customers will significantly benefit from this installation and quality equation.

ADD FORWARD-THINKING AESTHETICS Designers can achieve the popular “big table” effect. Proprietary centre legs allow for large legless expanse of worksurface – freeing the user to place chairs anywhere along the worksurface and free to move about. 

GIVE IT AMAZING DESIGN OPTIONS Three H Easy integration of cabinetry from all its other lines of storage. Create and Premiere Series storage elements can be brought into Parkway to build an open office well beyond a bench table. Also optional are new surface mounted storage cabinets to help create a more complete open office solution.

THEN ADD EVEN MORE CHOICE There are 36 in-stock laminates for fast delivery or designer’s choice (COM) for unique design options. Three H can also personalize to designers project specs by offering unique steel colours. (Lead times and pricing may be affected.)

ELEVATE THE DESIGN BEYOND THE EXPECTED Three H’s hand-applied and -stained solid wood edge enhancements can transform the worktables from mere benches to tables of distinction. And the popular knife edge provides the option to create a slender, sleek look.

FINALLY, CREATE A TOTAL VALUE PROPOSITION WORTHY OF INTEREST Legendary Three H quality and project-sensitive pricing make Parkway a good story.

NOTE Parkway will be featured at NeoCon 2015 along with a new wall tilebased office system called Rescape.


Built on a tradition of European craftsmanship combined with innovative technology, Three H has been crafting office furniture that bridges the gap between custom and mass for more than 35 years. Three H’s unique design process gives clients the advantage of a tailored solution, but without the delays and high costs typically associated with going custom. 

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