Habitat for Humanity Canada will travel around the world in 80 days

Starting May 10, Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village volunteers will embark on an 80-day circumnavigation of the globe, building homes and hope for families in Canada and abroad in recognition of Habitat for Humanity’s 10th anniversary of volunteer engagement, international housing work and community development projects.

Navigating eastward, 16 volunteer teams will build homes in 14 locations. Starting and ending in Canada, builds will happen in Prince Edward Island, Guatemala, El Salvador, Trinidad, Chile, Romania, Portugal, Zambia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Hawaii, the Yukon and Alberta. For five days at each location, Canadian volunteers will work with local families to provide safe housing, strengthen communities and enrich lives.

“Through Habitat for Humanity Global Village, volunteers travel to locations in Canada and abroad to build affordable housing and improve the lives of families,” says Mark Rodgers, president and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Canada. “Since 2005, 13,000 Canadian volunteers have made a difference for over 950 families in 47 countries. Around the World in 80 Days is a celebration of this and future achievements.”

The idea for Around the World in 80 Days came from veteran Global Village team leader Alan Rendall, who first volunteered with Habitat on a Global Village trip to El Salvador in 2009. Says Rendall, “I am passionate about Global Village and wanted to raise awareness of the great work Canadians have been doing abroad through this program over the past 10 years. Trips are the perfect combination of travel, a genuine cultural experience and the opportunity to give back to families in need.”

Rendall is kicking off Around the World in 80 Days by leading his volunteer team to PEI, building a home over five days that will transform the lives and future prospects of a low-income family.

Volunteers are still being accepted to participate on Around the World in 80 Days teams. No previous building experience is required – only a sense of adventure, good health and willingness to work hard. Often working side-by-side with the recipient family of the home being built, Global Village participants also have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in local society and culture in an unprecedented way.

For more information or to participate, visit http://habitatglobalvillage.ca/around-the-world-in-80-days.php



• Around the World in 80 Days kicks off May 10 in Prince Edward Island and concludes Aug. 29 in Alberta

• 16 teams will build homes for 16 families in 14 different locations, across 12 countries

• 190+ volunteers will put in 6,650 volunteer hours

• Mascot “Bruce the Moose” will accompany volunteers around the world, travelling 6,458 kilometres


• Since 2005, Global Village has sent more than 13,000 Canadian volunteers abroad

• Volunteers have contributed over half a million volunteer hours in 47 countries

• There were only 14 days in 2014 when a team of Canadians wasn’t building homes abroad with Global Village


• Beyond Global Village and through a variety of projects focussed on shelter support, market-based solutions and skills training, Habitat for Humanity Canada has raised over $20 million in support, benefitting approximately 40,000 families in over 30 countries abroad

• Habitat for Humanity Canada projects are currently active in Haiti, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana

• Habitat for Humanity International is active in over 70 countries worldwide


Founded in 1985, Habitat for Humanity Canada is a national, non-profit organization working towards a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. With the help of over 63,000 volunteers every year and 58 affiliate organizations from coast to coast, their mission is to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting homeownership as a means to break the cycle of poverty in Canada and around the world. Globally, Habitat for Humanity Canada provides strategic support through grants, technical support and volunteer engagement in an effort to serve the 1.7 billion people in need of access to shelter.

For more information, please visit www.habitat.ca