ADMIT ONE A Faceted Bamboo Garden UA Cinema in China

Hong Kong-based Alexander Wong Architects is known for creating imaginative cinemas. The firm recently completed a futuristic-themed cinema called A Faceted Bamboo Garden for UA Cinema in Chengdu, China.

In the rather poetic words of the architects:

“Inspired by the Verdant Bamboo Forests of Sichuan Province where Chengdu is located, the new UA Chengdu is an Abstract Glamour Garden with Golden Diamonds and faceted Rose Gold prisms set in a pure white world of Futurism. This unique space has a totally new way to interpret the forms and beauty of a Bamboo Garden where glamour is mixed with elegance and a heightened sense of sensuality.

From the Golden Box Office and Concession Bar, one moves up to the balcony level via the Golden Leaf escalator next to the Golden Fountain of Diamonds and arrives at the White Balcony overlooking a magnificent double-height space!

“Down the corridor of the Amethyst Bamboo Trail and into the IMAX Houses of Red Diamonds or Emerald Bamboo Garden…. other major attractions will be Giant Panda VIP in Black and White Diamonds and Giant Panda Powder Rooms in Black and White Diamonds.”

We long to visit!

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