Have you met Marcel? Formabilio introduces a snazzy new sideboard

Designed by Fabrizio Simonetti for Formabilio, Marcel is a smart sideboard made of wood and tubular metal inspired by the Modern Cultural Movement developed during the interwar period.

Marcel has very simple, linear lines with no fancy details. The chromed tubular metal legs supporting and embracing the wood structure are inspired by Marcel Breuer’s genius, one of the leading exponents of the Modern Movement. The doors are made by alternating slats of vertical and horizontal wood, recalling car grilles or antique radios from the early 1900s. Marcel is an inspirational and fine piece of furniture that plays a leading role in any interior. Its design combines sophistication, innovation and contemporary style. 


Fabrizio Simonetti graduated in Architecture in Firenze with a thesis in Diagnostic of Art works – that is how he had the chance to meet the engineer Maurizio Seracini and then work at Editech under his supervision. Later he moved back to his home town, Pesaro, where he started to work in the design field. Simonetti has worked for several years at FCT Arredi, a firm specializing in boat and contract interior. For him it has been an important experience in the wood sector and also in the metal and glass manufacturing field.

In his point of view design is the perfect union between harmony of shape and function and he thinks it is an excellent opportunity for designers to improve society. A society that is in search of beauty in every aspect of life will certainly be happier, he believes.

Of Formabilio, Simonetti says, “Today Formabilio is the only big chance given to designers to show their creativity, thanks to the many contest always inviting and amusing.”


Formabilio is an Italian brand of eco-friendly furniture and home accessories conceived by designers from all over the world through online contests, chosen by a community of design lovers, manufactured by small companies of Made in Italy and available online on the e-commerce platform www.formabilio.com

Formabilio is a design brand: crowdsourced, thanks to the community of more than 130.000 registered users – that pick the best projects to put to production among those submitted to the design contest; made in Italy because the winning ideas are turned into furniture by small manufacturingcompanies, partners of Formabilio, and eco-friendly as our products have a green design and are made of locally sourced timber, recycled or regenerated fabrics with water based varnish or natural oil finish.