Louis Vuitton presented the new collection of Objets Nomades in Milan

At the recent Milano Design Week, Louis Vuitton presented the new collection of Objets Nomades: nine established and upcoming designers reinvented LV’s Art of Travel with a collection of travel-inspired objects. The entire collection was displayed inside the evocative venue of Palazzo Bocconi in the centre of Milan.

The Objets Nomades collection currently numbers 16 travel-inspired objects of foldable furniture, made as unique pieces, limited editions or experimental prototypes.

Milano Design Week is the perfect occasion to invite the designers of Objets Nomades to share their vision of Art of Travel, Savoir-Faire and Design, which remain the core values of Louis Vuitton’s heritage.

The nine designers were Atelier Oï, Barber & Osgerby, Nendo, Patricia Urquiola, Campana Brothers, Gwenaël Nicolas, Raw Edges, Damien Langlois Neuron and Maarten Baas.

Our three favourites? Swing Chair, by Patricia Urquiola; Cocoon, by Campana Brothers; and Bell Lamp, by Barber & Osgerby.

SWING CHAIR by PATRICIA URQUIOLA Patricia Urquiola’s Swing Chair invites you to kick back and sway in the breeze in a handbag-inspired design of two large, Nomade-leather-covered metallic “handles” and a welcoming woven mesh. Held up by gold-plated hooks and beige cord, the chair ensures comfort with a welcoming Nomade-leather seat cushion and a yellow leather back cushion.

COCOON by CAMPANA BROTHERS The Cocoon adds the latest technology to Louis Vuitton’s traditional leather savoir-faire thanks to a frame made using high-tech stereolithography – a form of 3D printing – which is then covered with red calfskin on the exterior and quilted leather on the inside. The two broadcloth-covered cushions are both warm and comforting and the Cocoon is designed to be like a protective shell.

BELL LAMP by BARBER & OSGERBY Another marriage of the latest technologies and traditional savoir-faire, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s Bell Lamp is cordless and solar-powered. A handcrafted frosted glass “bell” surrounds innovative LED lighting with four brightness settings, while a ring on its base allows it to be placed on any surface. A Nomade-leather strap means the Bell Lamp can be easily carried anywhere.

For more info, visit www.louisvuitton.com