Scavolini announces the opening of Scavolini UK, its brand-new English branch

Scavolini confirms its internationalization strategy by announcing the opening of the Scavolini UK branch in London. The goal of the new facility is on the one hand to enhance Scavolini product sales and brand presence across the U.K. thanks to specific initiatives, and on the other to develop the contract market by liaising with major international architecture studios headquartered in the British capital.

The new branch will be headed by Giacomo Meoli, who has accrued many years of experience in the sales area of the Italian branch of the Pesaro-based company.

After setting up an American subsidiary in New York and a representative office in Shanghai, the opening of the U.K. branch further consolidates Scavolini’s international presence, and confirms the major growth policy that has always been one of the company’s fundamental assets. The “Brand ambassador” of style and quality Made in Italy and one of the most famous and popular specialist Italian brands in the world, Scavolini currently boasts over 300 outlets abroad, 150 of which across Europe, around 60 in Russia and in the Eastern Republics, 40 in North America, 15 in Central/South America, and just as many in Asia and Oceania. These are supplemented by another 1,000 outlets across Italy. A successful strategy based on an effective and targeted policy of constantly strengthening its network, but also on product development tailored to the tastes and needs of the various countries, in addition to a communication policy focussing on “brand recognition” to ensure high visibility of the company’s strengths. Scavolini’s strength lies in its ability to change and adapt continuously, while retaining a strong brand identity and at the same time satisfying and anticipating market requirements.

Scavolini UK will be placing a special focus on the contract world, which currently presents an area with great potential for the company. Thanks to a top-quality product range entirely Made in Italy and to an extensive array of solutions for the kitchen, living room and bathroom, Scavolini products – which are already in use across the world within prestigious settings, such as Chateau Glory in Beijing, Rowan Building Lofts in Los Angeles, Toy Factory Lofts in Toronto – are the perfect answer to accommodate the needs of architects and designers alike.

What’s more, the reliability and integrity of the company – as testified by its 30-year leadership in Italy in the kitchen industry and by the “D&B Rating 1” awarded by CRIBIS D&B – means Scavolini is the perfect partner for customers.

“With a turnover of 173 million Euro in 2014, 20 per cent of which from export sales, Scavolini continues to hold its own as a global enterprise. For us, the opening of this branch represents a fundamental step towards consolidating our presence on an international scale and continuing our growth on foreign markets, with the aim of increasing our export quota of annual turnover in 2015”, explains Vittorio Renzi, Scavolini’s general manager. “The United Kingdom is definitely an interesting market due to its end consumers, who truly appreciate the quality and design of our products, but most of all it is strategic for the contract industry. Indeed, the biggest international architecture studios are based in London. For us, this branch opening is therefore a great opportunity to consolidate our brand vis-à-vis this target too. Says Renzi, “The opening of the Scavolini branch will be followed by the inauguration of the first-ever Scavolini Store in London in a few weeks’ time, which will supplement the existing eight outlets already distributed across the U.K.”


Scavolini was founded in Pesaro in 1961 thanks to the enterprise of brothers Valter and Elvino Scavolini. In just a few years, the small artisan company specialising in kitchen production turns into one of the most important Italian industrial companies. In 1984, Scavolini becomes the industry’s market leader for Italy, a position which it continues to hold to this day. The company expands considerably in a short time and it now boasts an industrial plant covering 200,000 m² (of which 90,000 m² indoors) that houses 550 employees. The results of the company’s efforts are highlighted by the turnover figure that reached 173 million Euro in 2014. In addition, ancillary component suppliers have sprung up over the years around the company and now constitute an essential factor in the development of the local territory.

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