Pulp (non)Fiction

The Jam Factory in an industrial area overlooking the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto’s east end was transformed into a room full of garbage for PULP: paper art party 2015, a fundraiser designed to examine the current lifecycle of waste materials and investigate alternative uses organized by Pulp, a non-profit group that promotes the use of public space, community building, environmental awareness and sustainable practices through art and architecture in Toronto.

The theme of PULP was to look at the lifecycle of discarded materials and investigate alternative uses. Jam Factory was transformed into a paper playground of highly original works designed to both inspire and reflect on the use of paper and other materials in society and their potential of its repurposing. Over 15 installations and furniture pieces crafted from reclaimed paper were on display, including an interactive wall made of cardboard, live dance performance in a paper environment with paper costumes, cootie catchers sculpture, paper boats, others.

Among the participants were Zanjani Architect Inc. and Raw Design Architecture Studio, both key sponsors of the event.

To see more visit http://pulpartparty.ca/press-release-paper-art-party-2015/