Have you met Lladr’s Mademoiselle?

Lladró, the Spanish artistic porcelain company, is releasing an original collection of porcelain lights called Mademoiselle.

Coquettish, refined and romantic, Lladró’s elegant ladies have been transformed into lamps in the new Mademoiselle collection.

They borrow their inspiration from the company’s figurines of ladies to create beautiful functional objects. The collection includes four individual hanging lamps and three chandeliers with 9, 18 and 25 lights. In all these lamps the light is filtered through the translucent porcelain of the flowing skirts of these ladies of light, projecting the decorative pattern etched on the surface of the porcelain. 

The collection’s bright, cheerful note is ensured by Lladró’s broad spectrum of colours, applying its liveliest, saturated tones on the upper part of the piece and leaving the skirt unadorned to better allow the light to pass through it. This combination makes the Mademoiselle lamps equally attractive when switched on or off.

Lladró’s signature flowers, made petal by petal, also make an appearance in this contemporary reinterpretation. The floral touches on the elegant hats are a reminder of Lladró’s most romantic side.

All Lladró porcelains are made by hand in Valencia, at the biggest little atelier in the world, a space exactly as the three founding brothers – Juan, José and Vicente Lladró – conceived when they started to fire their first porcelains back in 1953. The company now exports to over 120 countries worldwide.

For more info, visit http://www.lladro.com/