LEAVE IT TO LEVO Allseating reimagines ergonomics with its latest streamlined task chair design

Offices across North America are filled with ergonomic seating solutions heavy with adjustable features. But when you ask most people to demonstrate how they’ve personalized their chair to meet their specific needs, the majority have changed the seat height and stopped there. Many find the paddles and levers too complicated and intimidating to use properly.

In response to this observed behavior, Allseating has developed Levo, a “hands-on” task chair with an invisible lumbar that’s designed to be user-friendly. By simply lifting the back, the user triggers the chair’s proprietary ratchet system to raise and lower the lumbar position. Additionally, without any effort from the user, the Levo’s Y-shaped back and three-point pivot system dynamically supports even if they reach from side to side or lean over the back of the chair.

The streamlined approach to ergonomics results in a streamlined design that doesn’t scream “office.” With its slim profile, Levo is a chair that’s equally at home in a hotel room, a home office or even a dorm room. Featuring an elastomeric-like back upholstery that retains its shape, the chair will have a softer and lighter feel than your traditional mesh chair. Additionally, the back will also be field-replaceable, dramatically extending the product’s lifecycle.

Levo adopts the same design language established by recent Allseating product launches for You, Ray, Tuck Ayr, You Too and Requisite: focussing on friendly, accessible design.

“Today’s mobile work forces require superior ergonomic performance that’s packaged stylishly, but at a lower price,” says Allseating president Chris Binnendyk. “We’re extremely proud to be showing off our answer to that need by showcasing Levo during Neocon.”


For more than 30 years, Allseating has been a leader in the design and development of solutions that adjust to the needs of customers in the office, educational and healthcare industries. Its 100,000-square-foot facility in Toronto is home to its broad line of seating solutions. Whether it’s through innovative designs or comprehensive service programs, Allseating is always working at making people feel comfortable.

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