CONCRETE PLAN Introducing the Sofi bench from Victoria-based Arostegui Studio

Victoria-based Arostegui Studio, under the direction of principal designer Cristian Arostegui G., has created a unique, modern and elegant modular concrete seat. After a year of designing, planning and prototyping, the Sofi bench is now ready for residential and commercial use. 

The Sofi bench has a multi-functional, versatile design that is suited to a variety of environments – It can be used inside or outside. This modern and elegant design will add style and sophistication to any space, from one piece in a living room to a pairing or combination in an office lobby, museum, art gallery or park. The dimensions of the bench are based on the Fibonacci proportions (20” x 15” x 18”) or golden ratio.

The modular concrete bench was developed in collaboration between Arostegui Studio and Szolyd Development.


Founded in 2014 by Chilean designer Cristian Arostegui G., Arostegui Studio is a furniture and design business based in Victoria, B.C.  With a focus on quality and sustainability, Arostegui Studio is constantly experimenting with the blending of unique and local materials to create exciting residential and commercial pieces.

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