New from Organic Lighting Systems: a flexible, curvable indoor/outdoor RGB LED

Organic Lighting Systems has introduced a new product called liniLED RGB: flexible, adaptable colour-changin LED light strips, for both indoor and outdoor use. Designed in house by the company’s product design and engineering team, the strips are low voltage, low wattage and low heat; waterproof and dimmable; and offer ultra-long life.

liniLED RGB uses only energy-efficient, +/-50 Kelvin LEDs from Osram.

Low-scale, lightweight, flexible liniLED RGB light strips provide functional, architectural or decorative colour-changing light for exterior structural building walls, interior walls, ceilings, and floors; counters, coves, displays; building outlines and signage. Suited for marine and other all-weather applications.

liniLED RGB readily fits merchandise display cabinetry; natural and manmade coves, cornices; vertical or horizontal standard or custom casework; stairs, elevators; baseboard and ceiling moldings; interior, exterior building columns.  It readily adapts for long-term use in upscale commercial, institutional, retail and hospitality installations; building lobbies, reception areas and rooms; product showrooms of any type, size or scale; high-end residential baths, bedrooms, family rooms, foyers and studies.

liniLED RGB represents state-of-the-electronic-art in longlife, low-energy LED flexibility.  Surprisingly low heat generation from these exclusive low-profile small-scale LED lighting strips make liniLED RGB suited for interior, exterior space-restricted applications, and heat-sensitive products or areas. 

Low power draw and 50,000-hour rated operating life enable light from liniLED RGB to meet virtually any indoor, outdoor commercial, institutional, governmental, industrial or upscale residential application.  Especially those where exceptional energy savings, reliable high performance, installation flexibility and negligible routine maintenance, are priorities. Now these sought-after benefits are here in one product line from two distinguished European/American manufacturers; Organic Lighting Systems and Osram.

Stable constant-voltage technology for LED drivers ensure consistent illumination levels with 0-100% smooth dimming support available.  In addition a complete range of mounting options is available.  Light strips mount end to end for curvable patterns or continuous rows.

liniLED RGB comprises a distinctive clear co-extrusion with built-in UV stabilized reflectors; has clear, protective PVC seals and solder-free push-fit connections.  All output is directed forward, eliminating undesirable or wasteful backlight emissions.

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