JB + DG = one-of-a-kind furniture pieces

Joe Bauman is a farm boy furniture maker raised in Port Dover, ON. Dayna Gedney is a Toronto-born designer/maker with a background in fashion and graphic design. JB + DG – an acronym scrawled on the duo’s raw material and tools to mark ownership – has grown to symbolize their playful collaboration and efforts as a design team. Bauman and Gedney met at school and fell in love while making furniture. At the heart of each project, they aim to use luxurious materials to provide straightforward utility and simple beauty in equal measure. As they say, “Our work is our passion, our home our haven. We design and build furniture we love to live with.”


Rise|Set Mirror The solid wood shelf is finished with a hand-rubbed oil-varathane mix. The mirror has a polished edge and a protective backing. Each shelf is handcrafted and sizing is fully customizable. Designed by Dayna Gedney and Neil Botehlo. Produced by JB + DG.

Palafitte Collection The Palafitte collection is a versatile, customizable series of coffee, console and side tables based on stilt-house architecture. These modular tables feature a broad range of material choices for bases and tops and the ability to create dynamic groups of small and large tables to suit any room. Available in a range of regional woods, with either water-based or hand-rubbed oil finish. Say the designers, “We are dedicated to producing work of the highest quality, durability and level of craftsmanship. We are hands on with each piece we make, from the selection of wood to the final coats of finish.”

Carli Dining Chair Bauman designed the elegant, slender and lightweight dining chair in 2011. The Carli dining chair celebrates negative space and clean lines. Material options are available. Solid wood back rest and seat available.

Wooden Feathers Say the designers, “Working in a shop we are sometimes very lucky that the offcuts or scraps of wood that come from cutting and milling wood will inspire something new and fun to work on. In this case, lots of thin strips of walnut got us thinking about free bending wood. The spirals and hoops are cut into feathers with are finely sanded and finished with a natural oil finish, then wound with glittering golden floss.”

For more info, visit http://jbplusdg.com/