NOW SHOWING at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen: the exhibition “World Architecture – Snhetta”

As a part of the exhibition series “World Architecture” at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, the exhibition “World Architecture – Snøhetta” recently opened to public. The exhibition, created by Snøhetta and Danish Architecture Centre, runs throught Sept. 27.

Just like its own studios, the exhibition is characterized by the landscape, by Snøhetta’s connection to art and culture, and by its love for craftsmanship traditions, as well as the new material possibilities brought about by modern technology. Inviting the visitor into the Snøhetta office, workshop and universe, the firm is proud to present the relationships between people and  processes in an exhibition format.

Says Martin Winther, head of Experience Communication at the Danish Architecture Centre, “The background for this exhibition is quite simple: Snøhetta is one of the best design firms in the world right now. We witness this in their incredible work and in the special energy and atmosphere that characterize their offices. We are very excited to invite visitors into Snøhetta’s world for an intimate encounter with the people and the unique, human, generous, inclusive approach that results in such fantastic work.”

Says Snøhetta, “Experience first-hand the detail and materiality of the workshop space, interact and contribute into our work processes, meet the people behind the work, and learn about the more than 220 projects displayed in Copenhagen this summer.”


Formed in 1989, Snøhetta is an award-winning international architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture and brand-design firm. The practice is centered on a trans-disciplinary approach where multiple professions work together to explore differing perspectives on the conditions for each project. A respect for diverse backgrounds and cultures is a key feature of the practice; reflecting this value, Snøhetta is composed of designers and professionals from around the world.

“For over 25 years we have been working internationally on a number of important educational, civic, and cultural projects. Our strength is our inclusive working methodology and values of human interaction and social sustainability. The methodology ensures a site-specific solution is created that meets client and user needs for a successful and engaging public space.”

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The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) is Denmark’s national centre for the development and dissemination of knowledge about architecture, building and urban development. It offers a wide range of professional and cultural activities, including exhibitions, professionalization, seminars, guided tours in the city, etc.

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