A dazzling new book by Foscarini features a selection of lamps from its collection

Foscarini presents Ritratti (“Profiles” in Italian), a new book created in collaboration with top European creatives. Ritratti was commissioned as a collection of independent expressions on living.

Styled by Elisa Ossino and highlighting a diverse selection of lamps from Foscarini’s collection, the book takes an intimate tour of five homes across Italy and an outdoor setting, photographed by three interior photographers, Kasia Gatkowska, Andrea Ferrari and Tommaso Sartori.

“We conceived Ritratti as a tool to inspire,” said Carlo Urbinati, president of Foscarini.

The aim is to prove that no matter the space, all Foscarini models have the ability to set the tone, to perfectly inhabit any environment and convey a unique vibe to each room.

The settings differ in style and mood, including a Scandinavian-style loft in Rimini; a villa in Vicenza that is saturated in colour; contemporary design juxtaposed with ornate, historic details in a mansion in Thiene; a black and white minimalist loft in Verona;an urban family home in Milan; and the breathtaking night views of Arsenale in Venice.

A compilation of essays on aesthetic concerns in living – like colour, lustre, hues, chaos, asymmetry, freedom, shadow and lightness – from architects, designers, curators and critics, chosen from the contributors of the editorial project Inventario (the independent bookzine founded by Foscarini and directed by Beppe Finessi), accompany the photos.