Zurich-based Studio Isabell Gatzen launches the Debut collection

This year, Zurich-based Studio Isabell Gatzen presented at Milan Design week for the first time, launching the Debut collection at Salone Satellite 2015. The collection sets out to explore contrasts to achieve harmony in form, function and style. Contrasts are explored in materials, shapes and light to achieve an elegant and sophisticated collection with a young and fresh attitude that will stand the test of time.

M.C. Escher inspired the direction of the collection. His focus on order, symmetry, impossible objects and optical illusions was used as a lens through which the collection was designed and curated. The collection seeks to play with perceptions of light and weight, and embraces hidden details which encourage users to interact with the pieces.

NAMING Product names were chosen to contrast the sophisticated tone of the collection with a more playful one. The names are designed to help the user develop a closer relationship with the object as it reveals a little of itself or the interaction and relationship it would like to form with the user. We encourage that long lasting relationships are formed with the products.

MATERIAL Material is an important starting point for this collection, the collection focusses on true materials that are either interlocked or held together through the forces of friction and gravity. In each product materials were brought together to complement and contrast the other. The collection focusses on marble, aluminum, brass, glass and wool. Marble was chosen as a lead material in the collection as it has a rich history in furniture design and ornamentation, and the challenge was to push this very traditional material into a new modern form whilst respecting its classical innate elegance.

SHAPE The collection uses simple forms – such as circles, rectangles and strong lines – to define its classical and clean visual language. The balance of the shapes can be seen in the 721 CANDLESTICK, which features a prominent rectangular shape that is then contrasted against the circular base, which forms the interlocking system. The SEE RIGHT THROUGH ME mirror and HOOK ME UP table also contrast the circular glass with the rectangular marble bases and two forms: round and square. The DONT SCREW WITH ME shelf contrasts square poles with the round holes of the marble shelf.

COLOUR & LIGHT It was important that the palette for the collection was explored in terms of contrasts rather than specific colours. The collection focusSes on black and white while playing with grey tones and light. The monochromatic palette adds a desirable timelessness to the collection. On a conceptual level the exploration into contrasts was extended through playing with light. The HOOK ME UP table contrasts black and white through the use of a reflective grey smoked-glass top. The SEE RIGHT THROUGH ME mirror adds a further dimension to the exploration of contrasts and light as the user is confronted with multiple viewing possibilities in one glance; either you can see right through the mirror or catch a reflection, depending at which angle the light hits the mirror. The WALK ALL OVER ME rug features a classic herringbone pattern in gradient form created using two different fibres in the same colour, depending how the light hits the carpet the design can appear 3D or fade away. The result of this exploration is an eye-catching collection.


The studio was founded in 2010 and undertakes commercial projects for a range of private clients covering furniture, home accessories, interior design and fashion. Since 2013, the studio has focussed on developing a home-accessories line with pieces that are designed to last. The brand develops modern, luxury products using premium natural material for the home, office and kitchen. The design philosophy of the brand is to create future classics which have a timeless quality and made of natural materials, so that they will last a lifetime. Studio Isabell Gatzen designs and produces its own line and collaborates with partners on their collections.

For more info, visit www.isabellgatzen.com