Anatomy Design gets “awkward” with an intriguing new light

How awkward! How quirky and slightly off!

We’re talking a floor lamp – from Anatomy Design in Johannesburg, South Africa, for Denmark’s Karakter – with a quirky anatomy. It is deliberately proportioned with a somewhat nervous balance. The design derived from wanting to illuminate two areas in close proximity: two sides of a sofa or both an armchair and a desk. It was crucial to the design to keep all elements as delicate as physics could possibly allow. The long arms create a contradictory, almost nervous balance and the design language dictates a personality that can only be described as: awkward. Which is its name: Awkward.

Two design available: all black; all white. Finish: powdercoated steel. Construction Material: powdercoated steel. 


Anatomy Design is owned and run by Megan Hesse and Andrea Kleinloog. It was started in 2009, primarily as an interior design studio – the success of some of the product designs led to a need to house them (quite literally). And this was how the retail store began – growing from strength to strength. Both the Product and Interior sides of the studio have collected numerous awards – and continue to develop with new and exciting projects. 


Karakter is a newly established lifestyle brand whose aim is to create timeless and innovative designs, with functionality and quality as cornerstones of our objects permanent value. Its mission is to create a leading international design company in collaboration with the designers who we believe have the potential to become the stars of the future.

The brand strives to be both innovative and to have courage, but never at the expense of craft, function and beauty. All of its products and the designers its works with have this in common – they have Karakter.

Based in Copenhagen. 

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