DuPont cuts the cord

DuPont Building Innovations powered up at NeoCon 2015 with the launch of DuPont Corian Charging Surface, a new technology that easily charges mobile devices without the need for wires and plugs cluttering the countertop.

Available for both residential and commercial use, Corian Charging Surface uses a transmitter hidden just below the surface to safely transfer energy wirelessly to a receiver within or attached to a smart device, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

Nearly all smart devices can be charged with a charging ring from Duracell Powermat, but charging cases also are available, and some devices are already enabled with wireless charging capabilities. To wirelessly charge using Corian Charging Surface, users need only connect the ring or case to their mobile device and place it on a charging spot.

Two different types of charging devices are available – an individual unit and the Powermat unit. The individual unit is small, simple and easy to operate and is both PMA (Power Matters Alliance) and Qi compatible so it can work with either of the two main operating protocol standards for induction charging in the market today.

The Powermat platform offers cloud-based technology for backend management. The dashboard enhances the customer experience with the ability for businesses to monitor usage trends and understand more about customer buying and visiting patterns.

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