Toronto designer Khalil Jamal creates a large-scale contribution to the PrideHouse Pavilion

A striking topography of swoops and swirls spills onto repeating vertical stripes in Toronto designer Khalil Jamal’s large-scale contribution to the PrideHouse Pavilion.

For the PrideHouse Lounge at PrideHouse Pavilion, Jamal created a monolithic showpiece – titled “Use Your Illusion II” – behind the bar. Measuring 36 feet wide and 10 feet high, the backdrop is characterized by a psychedelic motif that is juxtaposed against a flat surface of straight lines. Here, a dialogue between fluidity and rigid geometry is created mimicking the action at the bar in the foreground; spirits are poured and splash against ice cubes and cylindrical glassware.

This work is the second installment of Jamal’s exploration with moiré pattern, contrasting colour, and geometric shapes. His first, called (of course) “Use Your Illusion,” was on display during Toronto Design Offsite Festival this past January.

The green, blue, indigo and violet pattern is derived from the cooler spectrum of the rainbow as a counterpoint to the wall treatments in rest of the space created by surface designer Robert Sangster. Located at The 519 Community Centre, “Use Your Illusion II” is on view for the duration of the Pan/Para Pan Am Games in July and August.


The PrideHouse Lounge will become one of the best places to catch Games action and a beverage among the athletes, sponsors, dignitaries and friends of PrideHouse Toronto and TORONTO2015. This licensed facility will play host to parties for sponsors, partners and targeted communities throughout the week and on the weekend will offer a more exclusive space for very important guests during PrideHouse Celebrates programming. A


A Vancouver expat residing in Toronto, Khalil Jamal is an industrial designer with experience in public art and architectural products. He experiments with new and old materials and fabrication processes to create housewares, hardware and large-scale sculpture.

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