MADE IN ITALY IN LONDON The first Scavolini Store opens in the U.K.

The international expansion plan implemented by Scavolini is on a roll. The Scavolini London Store, Scavolini’s first single-brand store in the United Kingdom, was inaugurated on June 25.

Situated in a modern new building in thriving West Hampstead, the flagship store spans a surface area of 280 square metres and, thanks to its 10 five-metre tall windows, it is set to become one of the City’s reference points for Italian design enthusiasts. Inside, the display is expected to include some of Scavolini’s most successful kitchen and living room collections, including Diesel Social Kitchen, Liberamente and Motus, as well as its bathroom line with Baltimora, Rivo and Font.

This store opening is a vital step in the company’s internationalization strategy, which has involved Scavolini intensively over recent years and which makes it now more than ever a genuine “brand ambassador” of Made in Italy excellence across the globe. In particular, the single-brand outlet in London follows the recent establishment of the Scavolini U.K. branch and it confirms the significance of the English territory, not just in terms of end consumers, who appreciate the quality and the design of Scavolini products, but most of all in terms of the contract market and major international architecture studios which are headquartered in the British capital.

This is a market segment with huge potential, which the brand is broaching with eager interest. Thanks to a top-quality product range, an extensive array of products to furnish the kitchen, living room and bathroom, a superior level of customization and excellent after-sales support, Scavolini is in fact in a position to accommodate the needs of contractors fully. This is testified by the brand presence within prestigious settings across the world, such as Chateau Glory in Beijing, which houses over 850 kitchens; Rowan Building Lofts in Los Angeles, furnished with 200 kitchens; and Toy Factory Lofts in Toronto, featuring 200 Scavolini kitchens.

Bearing witness to Scavolini’s focussed distribution policy, Scavolini stores are a key strategic ploy, expressing the company’s deep-rooted belief that the quality of a buying experience is vital to convey brand value to consumers. The project, which was launched in 2006, has developed to an extraordinary extent over the years, and Scavolini today can boast 100 stores across Italy and over 70 abroad. Operation “Scavolini stores” is part of a broader distribution strategy that entails the company’s intensive involvement on the global market, with ongoing investments in the consolidation of its distribution network. At the present time, Scavolini has a network of 150 sales outlets in Europe, 60 in Russia and in the Eastern Republics, 30 in North America, 15 in Central/South America and likewise in Asia and Oceania, giving a total of over 1,300 sales outlets world-wide.

This successful strategy is based not only on an effective and targeted policy of constantly strengthening the distribution and organizational network, but also on product development tailored to the tastes and needs of the various countries, in addition to a communication policy focussing on “brand recognition” to ensure high visibility of the company’s strengths.


Scavolini was founded in Pesaro in 1961 thanks to the enterprise of brothers Valter and Elvino Scavolini. In just a few years, the small artisan company specialising in kitchen production turns into one of the most important Italian industrial companies. In 1984, Scavolini becomes the industry’s market leader for Italy, a position which it continues to hold to this day. The company expands considerably in a short time and it now boasts an industrial plant covering 200,000 square metres (of which 90,000 square metres is indoors) that houses 550 employees.


The store is located at 39 Fortune Green Rd., London West Hampstead.

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