WHAT DO YOU SEE? Introducing the Inkblot collection by L.A.-based Lindstrom Rugs

Inspired by Rorschach’s psychological testing method, the Inkblot collection by Lindstrom Rugs was created to evoke beauty, conversation and emotion, all of which are ultimately different for each viewer. The near perfect bilateral symmetry in the images play with the human eye, attracting one’s senses to see a myriad of shapes and imagery in either black or white.

Unlike Rorschach’s testing method, personality characteristics and emotional functioning are not measured here. Consistent with abstract art, the Inkblot collection is truly intended to give the observer a chance to dream up his or her own vision, constructing a personal form with the imagery in front of he or she, without any right or wrong answers.

Each Inkblot is created by hand from conception to production, first by the method of adding ink and water to paper, then in wool by artisan weavers in Nepal. Each pattern is woven with 100 knots per square inch cand comes standard in shades of black, grey and white. Alternatively, these and all of Lindstrom Rugs can be customized in any colourway, pattern, shape or size with a variety of natural materials including silk, nettle, cactus, hemp or linen. 


The son of AIA award-winner, Richard Lindstrom, Erik Lindstrom grew up with an immediate and acute appetite for contemporary interiors and architecture and quickly followed suit by attending the Florence Design Academy in Italy. After completing his Master’s degree in Interiors and Furniture Design, he worked for Garret Cord Werner, a Seattle-based firm focussing on high-end residential interiors and architecture. It was here Lindstrom gained a passion and deep understanding of the intricacies of custom, hand-woven rugs. After establishing relationships with his factories in Nepal, Thailand and Morocco, he started Lindstrom Rugs with the intention of designing rugs that evoke bespoke, timeless luxury. He prides his custom designs on a commitment to quality, and uses an eye trained on urban and natural landscapes to create original patterns and rug concepts. Although based in Los Angeles, Lindstrom fuels his inspiration for design with frequent trips around the U.S. and abroad.


Lindstrom Rugs is a boutique, custom rug company that offers a curated selection of contemporary and transitional collections as well as one-off vintage pieces sourced from around the world. With a focus on organic and timeless patterns, Lindstrom rugs are created primarily from the natural world, using flora, fauna, landscape and manmade objects as inspiration. They are either hand-knotted or hand-tufted and made to order, with heavy, lustrous pile and uniquely rich colours that are produced for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Made for both residential and commercial applications, Lindstrom Rugs can be woven for almost any pattern, shape, colour or size, and can be commissioned for any type of space. They are made from the highest quality of natural materials, including wool, silk, nettle, cactus, hemp and linen. Lindstrom Rugs are also Goodweave certified, meaning that only adult artisans (not children) had a hand in the making of our rugs. Lindstrom Rugs has also begun collaborations with an assortment of artists and designers, including Karim Rashid, to create collections that will make their debut in 2015.

For more info, visit www.lindstromrugs.com