THG Paris unveils its main retail showroom in London’s Belgravia

THG is thrilled to be unveiling its main retail showroom in London’s Belgravia – which will go by the name of Bathrooms International by THG. The new showroom has been completely refurbished following THG’s aquisition of Bathrooms International and is now a cutting-edge, contemporary space with dynamic new displays.

THG has over 60 years’ experience in the industry. Its beautiful range of premium taps and bathroom fittings have graced the most exclusive bathrooms and their countless collaborations with prestigious luxury brands and talented designers have now become an integral part of the French Art de Vivre.

THG’s expertise in the manufacture of luxury fittings fused with Bathroom International’s broad design and retail credentials make for a great partnership, ensuring that the new showroom will be one of the U.K.’s most comprehensive destination for luxury bathroom design.

As the leading global manufacturer of luxury bathroom fittings, THG Paris has attracted partnerships with some of the world’s most highly acclaimed designers. As a result, Bathrooms International by THG will continue to exclusively offer products that have been designed by THG’s impressive product team and incorporate high-end designers into the creative process – such as Lalique, Baccarat and Daum Crystal.


The family-run company, whose name is made up of its three founder’s initials – Tétard, Haudiquez and Grisoni – is a mixture of wonderful craftsmanship, know-how and creative flair. THG Paris focusses on stylish fittings and original designs that are available in many different styles and finishes. Its vast range, that is always of the utmost quality, includes many traditional, retro, baroque and modern models; these are often embellished with semi-precious stones, crystal, finely chiselled ornaments and subtle details. The THG collections embody the wealth of luxury tap fittings that have always been synonymous of the brand.

THG has a firm grasp of each stage of manufacture, from design to foundry and treatment. The company also works with local SMEs namely in polishing and cutting. A thorough quality control is carried out at each stage to meet the demands of the brand’s clientele.

The company works to protect the environment by recycling and producing renewable energy. The entire team is dedicated to being eco-friendly in all areas, from the offices to the factory.

THG was awarded the prestigious EPV accreditation (“Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” or “Living Heritage Company”) from the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry in 2012 and joined the ranks of several hundred companies that stand out for their impressive expertise; the symbol of French excellence.

THG is the company of choice for important projects such as private palaces, hotels and yachts. In addition, it has had many significant partnerships with well-known designers, including Pierre-Yves Rochon, Jamie Drake, Olivier Gossard, Alberto Pinto, Olivia Putman and Chantal Thomass.

THG has also fitted bathrooms in luxury locations all over the world, such as the Majestic in Cannes, the Hermitage in Monaco, Le Bristol and Le Crillon in Paris, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Indeed, THG always aims to provide top of the range products consistent with its fantastic reputation.

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