Knuckles industries – based in Vancouver- launches mechanical industrial collection

The 60/61 collection is the first made-to-order furniture line available by Matt Muldoon of Knuckles’ Industries. Muldoon is known for his unique approach and aesthetic, and has designed/fabricated a wide range of custom industrial large-scale furniture pieces. He works exclusively with metal. Each piece in the 60/61 collection is a nod to Muldoon’s love of art, metal and all things mechanical and is scaled with flawless precision to the 1,000th of an inch.

Included in this collection is a solid aluminum bed, several tables, a desk, wardrobe, bookshelf, a stool and hallway bench.  


Knuckles Industries was born out of a love for metal, and a passion for working with your brain and your hands equally. This is about a proper, over-the-top obsession with metal. Everything that can be done to work and form metal fuels this obsession. It comes from an imagination that is train wreck of Dr. Seuss characters, Gonzo journalism, Bansky, and the Rat Fink. From humble backyard machine shop beginnings a passion for industrial design was born. 

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