Munge Leung rebrands as Studio Munge

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“Great design inspires us, moves us and excites us. We love to create something from nothing and then watch it come to life in unique and astonishing ways.

“Great design makes that possible – when the right elements converge, a new energy is born, a new narrative begins. We’ve seen that on every project we’ve led, and now we’ve witnessed it in our own new space – a bright, state-of-the-art studio that bustles with passion and creativity.

“To celebrate that vitality and to honour its epicentre, the studio, we are re-branding Munge Leung.

“Say hello to Studio Munge.

“Studio Munge – that’s ‘moon-jay’ – is led by original founder and principal Alessandro Munge and is overseen by a seasoned studio manager and operations team, including specialists in design, team leadership, project management, technical drawing, product design and also procurement, accounting, hospitality and brand marketing.

“All that to say, the only thing changing is our name: you can still count on the same client commitment, the same immersive design, and the same creative collaboration you’ve come to rely on for the last 18 years.

“We look forward to creating new narratives with you.”

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