W2 by Wetstyle offers a lower price point


Wetstyle, a Montreal-based manufacturer of premium-quality bath furnishings, is announcing the arrival of W2 by Wetstyle. Available at a lower price point, W2 allows the company to reach a broader audience of people passionate about bold and original designs for their homes. W2 includes three new freestanding soaking tub designs and a new all-wood furniture collection with a slim profile integrated washbasin.

W2 products are created with the same attention to form and function as Wetstyle products. Designed to make a statement in smaller bathroom spaces, the W2 line offers elegant transitional designs at a value. All W2 bathtubs and sinks are manufactured by hand with Wetmar BiO, an eco-friendly material made primarily from a mix of natural ingredients – soy and mineral stone.

Wetstyle was recently honored with the 2015 prestigious Green GOOD DESIGN Award for Wetstyle BiOand its sustainable excellence. Wetstyle’s proprietary code-compliant recipe includes soy and vegetable extracts instead of the petrochemical-based resins frequently used by the industry. Wetmar BiO is also slip resistant, non-porous and more durable than acrylic.


• Warm and soft to the touch – more so than porcelain, ceramic or metal surfaces – making it comfortable and inviting for a soaking experience

• Natural insulating properties of this proprietary material provide enhanced heat retention, ensuring water temperatures remain constant for longer periods than traditional sanitary-ware materials

• Unlike porcelain, chips and scratches are easily repaired and the surface is brought back to its original luster with light sanding and buffing

• Slip resistant, non-porous and more durable than acrylic

• Eco-friendly made primarily from a mix of natural ingredients

• Available in Apollo White, Glossy or Matte finish

• Won 2015 Green GOOD DESIGN Award for sustainable excellence

For more info, visit http://wetstyle.ca/