The second edition of Circuit Index-Design is coming!

Workshop - CIDM14 Ulysse Lemerise
Workshop – CIDM14. Photo by Ulysse Lemerise

Based on last year’s experience, the Index-Design team will present its second edition of the Circuit Index-Design, which will take place the Sept. 16-17 in Montreal. After having caught the attention of the industry’s professionals in September 2014, the Circuit will prolong the experience for two days. Principally destined for the design professionals, this event offers multiple accredited conferences and panoply of new releases, as well as permitting for informal meetings between the people of the scene.


The Circuit is the occasion to celebrate design in a festive ambience all the while collecting useful information for landscaping projects currently taking place or in the near future.

Each official address will let creativity have free reign in the style of presenting its products and culture. All day long, the activities, conceptual installations, new products and conferences will highlight the visits.

Wed., Sept. 16 The participants will be invited to attend certain exhibition halls in the four corners of the city, where punctual activities will take place like private conferences and special workshops. Certain activities will be open to the public, while others will be by invitation only.

Thurs., Sept. 17 This is the official Circuit Index-Design day. The participants of this second edition will be invited to (re) discover the districts of Ahuntsic and Mile-End that are in full transformation.

Delimited around the central hub of 125, Chabanel St. and of 5445 Gaspé Ave., these two principal zones will be accessible via a shuttle system. The participants will have the pleasure of partaking the circuit from either location.


The designers, architects and those passionate about design must subscribe on the Circuit website in order to participate. Even better, it’s free!

The 16th of Sept., how does it take place?

To participate in the Sept. 16 activities, you must subscribe on the Circuit website. Once done, a special invitation will be sent to participants a few days before the event.

The invited guests of that day can assist in VIP launches and special workshops in select showrooms across Montreal.

The 17th of Sept., how does it take place?

Each participant arrives at the address of their choice with a printed inscription, sent prior via e-mail. The participant will then use a shuttle navigator reserved to discover the other addresses in the district they are in.


Multiple accredited conferences will be offered at the official addresses. The participants will have the opportunity to hear from reputed people, due to their expertise, the list of speakers will be unveiled few days before the event.

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