Allseating expands designer options for its You Too task chair

1 UnknownWe’ve heard more than ever about how sitting for long periods can be detrimental to health,” says Allseating president Chris Binnendyk. “Our You family of task chairs helps people sit fit, and so it’s important to expand the line in terms of design flexibility.”

So, Allseating now makes available one of its bestselling task chairs – the You Too – in a sleek “smoke” grey. Although interior design trends come and go, grey’s recent appearance as the new, sophisticated neutral has staying power. With the new option, customers may now select grey or black.

The You Too, a re-engineered and optimized version of Allseating’s You chair, is built around a more affordable nylon frame that retains the same innovative ergonomic support. Whether sitting or standing, most people fail to engage the most important part their body when it comes to posture: their core. The You Too helps you do exactly that. While most other chairs passively support the body, the You Too’s revolutionary U-shaped back suspension system lifts the spine to encourage a more “active” way of sitting.

By simply turning You Too’s activation dial, users can cause the mesh to bow and provide the precise tension they desire. Similar to sitting on a yoga ball, the back suspension “lifts” you into the proper position to engage your core muscles, elongate the back, and align your body so that your chest opens and your shoulders are down and relaxed. This keeps you sitting up tall and light on your sit bones, instead of the more common position where people put too much weight on their tailbone.

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