Natevo starring in two new showrooms

0c628ee2-6999-428a-a4fb-3301c30f82d7Two years have passed since the launch of Naveto, a spin-off brand of Flou. It showcases furniture with integrated LED lighting and, being a reference point for the market, continues to cause excitement with avant-garde showrooms..

The existing showrooms have been joined by an additional two. Despite lying a considerable distance apart, they are connected by the same philosophy: these are not traditional showrooms but modern innovative stores that are one step ahead of the times.

Slife is situated in the vibrant heart of Hamburg, Germany; this architecture studio distributes many of the world’s leading furniture brands and can also provide an all-round turnkey service: from the management-funding of the real estate to the design and planning, make-overs and energy efficiency, garden landscaping and audio-video systems, domotics and kitchen, flooring and fixtures, wall-coverings, drapes and blinds, rugs, furniture and lighting.

These characteristics have been re-iterated in Italy, in Cologno Monzese on the outskirts of Milan: the key formula of the De Linea Showroom is the promotion of Made in Italy in partnership with well-known companies. However, as the owner Andrea Sanna explained, it is also the perfect platform for encounters between architects, interior designers and private customers who are restructuring their workplaces or homes. They will be offered the most innovative products for floorings, doors, walls, lowered ceilings, illumination systems, drapes and blinds, light fixtures and furnishings.

Both Slife and De Linea have selected Natevo furniture with incorporated LED lighting. The two showrooms are fully aware of the advantages of these items, irrespective of whether they are installed in historical centers with restrictions of what masonry work can be done.

The esthetics of the Natevo furniture is enhanced by its excellent performance: when the pieces are installed, they illuminate the surroundings; no demolition is necessary, no new channels need to be carved in the walls and addition light diffusers are superfluous.

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