“Keilhauer and EOOS – 15 Years” publication receives graphic design awards


Keilhauer is pleased to announce that the book, “Keilhauer and EOOS – 15 Years” has received two prestigious graphic design awards, from Graphis in New York, and Applied Arts in Toronto.

Submitted by the book’s design firm, Concrete Design Communications, the book commemorates the remarkable 15-year collaboration between Keilhauer and EOOS, the Vienna-based industrial design studio, whose innovative design approach has resulted in 15 collections for Keilhauer to date.

“We wanted to celebrate the successful and very special working relationship we’ve enjoyed with EOOS in a printed piece that would be a retrospective catalog, and serve as a forward-thinking sales tool as well,” says Jackie Maze, VP Sales + Marketing, Keilhauer.  “Concrete is the only graphic design firm that could have created this beautiful, award-winning and effective book for us.  We’ve worked with them for about 20 years, so they fully understood the elements we wanted to convey, and the experience we wanted the piece to evoke.  I’m delighted that their excellent work has been recognized by these well-respected awards programs.”

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