The Tired Man armchair makes a big comeback

The Tired Man, Flemming Lassen’s overstuffed armchair, celebrates its 80th anniversary  this year in style – it has been awarded the prize for Comeback of the Year 2015 in the annual Danish Design Awards.

Managing the legacy of  Flemming Lassen’s unique and iconic designs is a task Lassen had carried out with enormous care and respect. A long period of development was undertaken before The Tired Man was relaunched in January 2015.  The Tired Man has continued toreceive a positive reception from the design world and the public in general.

In awarding Comeback of the Year 2015, the Design Awards jury had this to say:

“Oversized chairs with softly stuffed ‘wing’ armrests are some of the most trendy designs we have seen in recent years. We have explored light furniture long enough, now we want items that are comfortable and cosy. Amongst other reasons, by Lassen saw an opportunity to reintroduce The Tired Man after an original 1935 version of the chair was sold at auction for a hammer price of 1.4 million DKK (200,000 EUR)  last year. The chair expands the spectrum as to what Danish furniture design is. It’s a chair that gives you a big hug, sitting in it is nothing but amazing and you feel private in it. It’s all about comfort and quality in a world where time is the most expensive factor, an ego-chair for the weary or for the person who just wants to enjoy some quiet time.”

The Design Awards take place in Denmark and are organized by the magazine Bo Bedre.

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