Swedish lighting designer Svante Pettersson goes on a colour trip

UnknownSvante Pettersson is a lightning designer highly acclaimed both in Sweden and internationally. For Experiment Stockholm (continuing through Nov. 29) he has created an installation called Colour Trip, a light passage where you as in the city can be transformed and become someone else.

In the words of the designer:


To be, to become

In the city I get to be the one I was

In the city I get to be the one I become

To be a heavy darkness

To become a spectacle of light and colours

His Colour Trip installation reflects upon the things that have always attracted people to move to cities. The freedom to think, speak and be whom you want. To get to a safe haven. To get to choose to be alone, completely anonymous, yet still surrounded by people – or to seek a new, self-selected community. It is about how we travel there, but also about how to retrospectively recall our journey.

Svante Pettersson has created a passage that illustrates this type of transformation. The passage moves be-tween the more intellectual case studies in the project rooms and the artistic works of Färgfabrikens main hall. His means of expression is the interaction between the surface colours and artificial light, which is such an important part of our urban environment.

In his book See the Light (2015), he shares his philisophy of lightning, addresseing everyone from architects to studenta and DIY enthusiasts.