Daily tous les jours creates interactive store in New York City

Montréal-based Daily tous les jours, creators of many large scale public art installations such as The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation, recently launched a new project in the heart of New York City, The littleBits Store.

littleBits is a New York-based startup on a mission to democratize hardware by empowering everyone to create their own electronic objects with a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks. Daily tous les jours created a new concept in tech retail: Inventions To Stay and Inventions To Go. Visitors who engage by making projects on-site can leave their inventions for others to remix, or buy what they invented on the spot, breaking down the boundaries between the technology we consume and the technology we invent.

“littleBits is one of the most inspiring electronics products: it is changing the way we live with technology, demystifying it and befriending it,” say Melissa Mongiat and Mouna Andraos, co-founders of Daily tous les jours. “It is an honour to design their first store and contribute to the revolution that littleBits is enabling. It’s a place for experimentation and collective invention, where anyone can feel empowered by technology and compelled to tell their own stories with it.”

The intention behind the design of the store is to welcome anyone, right off the street, with no prior knowledge of electronics, and help them make something rewarding. The store includes an area with interactive installations for people to get inspired by existing inventions made with Bits, a workshop to make the inventions yourself, and a place to share them with the world.

For the store window, Daily tous les jours created a machine that displays a sequence of invention challenges, prompting passers-by to come in and unleash their creativity with littleBits. Once inside, visitors warm-up with a giant musical Twister demystifying the basics of electronics, asking them to use the contact of their skin to close circuits and collectively create a soundtrack for the store.

In the front-of-store, interactive displays showcase ready-made inventions with step-by-step instructions to invent your own version in store or at home, including a book on wheels, a remote pet-feeder, a Keytar (synth guitar) and a self-powered drawing machine, all custom designed for the store.

Visitors are invited to grab an instruction card and make their way to a workshop table where they can create, play, remix and invent using carefully curated and custom-built props and Bits. For this space, Daily tous les jours played with the established codes of a workshop, including pegboards, stools, workbenches and tools, transforming this everyday place into a creatively unique making space.

For the interior design of the store, Daily tous les jours partnered with Montreal’s own SSVLL studio who conceived everything in the shop as modular, giving the littleBits Store team the flexibility to constantly reinvent their retail experience by curating workshop sessions, talks, play days or any other special events to animate and transform the space for a few hours at a time. The store becomes not only a platform for people to discover the product but also for the littleBits team to further understand their own product and how it creates meaningful interactions with the world.

littleBits store is Located at 355 West Broadway, New York, and open until the end of the year.


Photo credit: Raymond Adams

Photo credit: Raymond Adams Photo credit: Raymond Adams Photo credit: Raymond Adams Photo credit: Raymond Adams