Sico going for gold, while Dulux has dreamy visions for 2016

The year ahead is a golden opportunity to bring deep, lustrous yellow into your home decor. Or, if you prefer, a year filled with soothing, delicate shades of soft pastels.

Yellow-gold is the “it” colour as far as Sico is concerned for 2016. Citing Buckwheat Yellow as the brand’s Colour of the Year, Mathieu Hamel, assistant brand manager for Sico paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings, explained that golden yellow is reminiscent of both sun-kissed wheat fields and the dazzling vintage glamour of the 70s.

“It’s reflective of a less complex time in history and of people’s increasing quest to return to cocooning, moving away from the fast-paced urban and social-media world in search of more natural living, simplicity, peace and refuge,” he said, adding that walls, furnishings, accessories and hardware will all have the golden touch in the year ahead.

When it comes to stylish colours, however, all that glitters is not only gold. The other colours trending for 2016 are equally soothing and nurturing, “The 2016 pastels are a charming assortment of misty-coloured, comforting hues that build on the resurgence of last year’s paler tones,” said Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager for Dulux Paints, in unveiling the brand’s top colours for the year ahead.


With an overall theme of “voyage,” the Sico paints 2016 collection features colours such as: Natural Green, Cobalt Shadow indigo, Norwegian Spruce teal, Tomato Peel salmon red, Ancient Lava grey, and Shiatsu sand. Explaining that the “voyage” theme stems from consumers’ increasing desire to journey away from the noise and pretense of today’s modern world, Hamel said “people are longing to kick back and be themselves, and are making colour choices that reflect that desire.”

Translated into home decor, that desire “to chill” means that living spaces in the year ahead will be more relaxed, low key and authentic, he said. “Furnishings in a room don’t have to be arranged perfectly, and in fact, it’s preferred if they aren’t,” Hamel pointed out. “Our homes are our protection and the one place where we can truly be ourselves, and the new colours help us easily achieve that carefree feeling.”


“These aren’t your mother’s pastels,” Tustin-Fuchs emphasized. “The pastels of 2016 are more natural and pigment-infused than the popular shades of the ’80s – they’re subdued yet vibrant, muddied yet rich, and subtle yet strong.”

Picture sunset shades of pale coral, blush pink, sandy yellow, dusty grey, sea-foam green and earthy tan brown. Anchored by dark grey, black and light neutrals, the new pastels are livable and elegant in any decor setting, he said.

With a theme of “Lucid Dreams,” the Dulux Paints 2016 collection is highlighted by the brand’s Colour of the Year, Bear Run, an ethereal blue that exudes calm and peacefulness.

Rounding off the palette of soft and serene colours are: Coral Flower soft coral, Peppermint Pink dusty rose, Museworthy pale brown, Pastel Sage green, Newborn muted yellow, and Silver Trophy gentle grey.

The Dulux Paints Colour of the Year is Bear Run, an ethereal blue that exudes calm and peacefulness.
The Dulux Paints 2016 collection is filled with soft and serene colours, including Pastel Sage green, pictured on the walls of this room
Pastels, such as Newborn yellow by Dulux Paints, featured on the walls of this eating area, are expected to be hot in home decor in 2016.
Yellow-gold, such as Sico paint’s Buckwheat Yellow Colour of the Year, pictured on the walls of this room, is the “it” colour for 2016.
Earthy mid-tones, such as Tomato Peel by Sico paint – a rustic salmon colour featured on the walls of this eating area – will deliver a warm, nurturing aura to living spaces in the year ahead.
Decor in 2016 will be more relaxed, low key and spa-inspired than previous years, according to Sico paint. The palette’s muted tones, such as Norwegian Spruce teal by Sico paint – featured on the back wall of this living area – for example, emits a soothing and peaceful feel.