Inscape announces winner of TurnAround chair contest

Inscape has announced the winner of its TurnAround chair contest, which asked designers to vote online for their preferred sitting style (sit, side saddle, backwards, perch, recline or lean). Catherine Price, designer at Gensler, Atlanta, is the lucky winner of the contest and receives a TurnAround chair as her prize.

The online voting results show that 60 per cent prefer non-traditional positions, with only 40 per cent of the participants indicating that they prefer to sit.

Catherine likes to perch on her chair so she selected the stool version of TurnAround which is also ideal for standing-height applications. According to Inscape, the TurnAround chair creates “a dynamic sitting experience, encourages posture movement and fosters lively interaction. It is available in a high and a low version with impressive ergonomic features and comfort for a wide range of sitting positions.”

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