Allseating Corporation signs agreement to offer seating solutions to GNYHA Services members

Allseating Corporation has signed an agreement to make its full line of seating solutions—including task, conference, stools, stacking, lounge, waiting, and patient care—available to GNYHA Services members through the GNYHA Services group purchasing portfolio. The Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) is a full-service healthcare group purchasing and supply chain efficiency organization.

The contract gives Allseating an opportunity to promote seating solutions to acute and non-acute care providers. As with all of its healthcare customers, Allseating makes a commitment to GNYHA Services members to fulfill needs across the entire continuum of care—keeping patients, family, and caregivers in mind.

Patients and families expect a clean, comfortable and inviting health care environment, and Allseating’s Foster line was designed to address the ever-changing needs of that environment. Allseating’s philosophy that intentional design can also be affordable means that Healthcare organizations at any budget level can find the appropriate option.

Allseating offers a number of ergonomic options including the You chair. Introducing a revolutionary way of sitting that “lifts” users into the proper position, You proactively addresses the risks of spinal compression, which is one of the major impediments facing employees and employers today.

“At Allseating, we take a holistic approach to Healthcare seating solutions,” says Michelle Crill, Allseating’s Healthcare Program Director. “Our intention is to partner with organizations, understanding their specific needs in order to enable us to provide the best possible solutions to facilitate their work and improve outcomes.”

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