Lambert et Fils and Coop Établi join forces

Lambert et Fils and Coop Établi have announced they are uniting their efforts. Lambert et Fils, a lighting collaborative studio founded in 2010, welcomes Coop Établi, purveyors of locally designed furniture, to their new showroom.

For Samuel Lambert, president and founder of Lambert et Fils, the event is an important one. “The fact that two very dynamic companies join forces indicates a very strong ambition and sends a very positive message to customers and the design community,” he explains.

“This unprecedented collaboration is great news for both our companies,” says Eveline Simard, president of Coop Établi. “Our products complement and highlight the value of each other, and customers of Coop Établi, who will finally have a place to appreciate our furniture first-hand, will also discover the lighting at Lambert et Fils.”

The showroom is located at 7755 Saint-Laurent Boulevard # 101 in Montreal. For showroom hours, visit or

Lambert & Fils + Coop Établi