Keilhauer launches new, informal collection of poufs and ottomans

A new line of ottomans and pouf seating from Keilhauer has been unveiled. Dubbed “Doko,” the Japanese word for “where” these playful seats inspire informal gatherings for anywhere.

“In thinking where Doko might find its home, we saw such tremendous variability: in offices where an impromptu strategy session might be held; in a gallery where quiet contemplation is encouraged; at schools or community centres where children and youth might be invited to play or relax or even a loft where adults and children might read a story together,” says Jackie Maze, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Keilhauer. “It’s very name is inspired from its defining feature – how it creates spaces where people can play, talk and listen.”

Designed by Ayako Takase and Cutter Hutton from Observatory studio, the new seating was specifically created to foster easy conversations. “Doko is an expression of informality. The comfort and playfulness of its form fosters easy collegiality and meaningful connections. In soft muted tones their rounded contours create a relaxing lounge, but when bold colours are applied spaces are infused with a playful energy and joy,” says Hutton.

Designing prototypes in every imaginable hue, from vibrant yellows and pinks to deep blues and reds, Observatory and Keilhauer were themselves taken up with an urge to play – prompting the addition of a child-sized model to the line-up and the option of incorporating Active Seating via a rounded base.

Getting More from Sitting   

“Joy and wellness are not personal interests, they are a way of life,” says Maze. “When offices and facilities support this and incorporate it in to day-to-day activities, they reap the benefits of happier, more productive and healthier clients and employees.”

The optional Active Seating feature of Doko challenges users to activate muscles in their backs and stomach; overtime, this can improve core stability, posture and circulation. Due to Doko’s compact size, it can easily be tucked under a desk or into a corner should an employee wish to use one as an alternative to their task chair and ‘get more out of their sit.’

Doko comes in a variety of sizes and heights: a perch at chair height, a small child-sized seat, ottoman-seat height and a large lounge piece available at ottoman height. Durable plastic Doko’s are ideal for high traffic and high use areas and a knit covered version provides a cozy, at home feel. Both versions come with attached cushions for comfort in a round or rounded square shape.


Doko Cluster