Soft, subtle colours trending for spring and summer: SICO paint

Calm and relaxing living spaces are all the rage in home decor this season, with trendy walls sporting soft and subtle colours, according to SICO paint in unveiling its spring and summer 2016 palette.

“From yellow-tinged whites to pale, floral-like pastels anchored by dark grey and black accents, the season’s paint palette is a reflection of the public’s increasing desire for tranquility and balance,” said Geneviève Paiement, brand manager for Sico paint, a brand of PPG. “The cocooning trend is back in full force, as consumers choose to create home-based sanctuaries and cut through the technological, political and economic clutter of the outside world by lightening up their surroundings.”

“The contrast between soft and dark tones delivers a sense of stability to a room,” Paiement said, adding that soothing, powdery pastels also work well with earthy neutrals to create an aura of wellness, purity and peace.

She offered this advice on incorporating the season’s trendy colours into your decor:

Pick a room, any room: No longer are pastels confined to nurseries, kids’ rooms or feminine-style decor. Today’s pale hues work well in any space, from kitchens to living rooms, and can actually appear masculine when paired with bold colours and patterns. Add warmth, charm and depth to a kitchen, for example, by painting cabinets in a soft colour rather than traditional white. Or make a living area appear larger yet cozy by painting the walls a soft blue and decorating with navy blue or turquoise patterned fabrics.

Incorporate the unexpected: Use contrasting colours in surprising ways to bring interest and flair to a space. A pastel-painted room, for example, can come to life by painting an accent wall a dark grey or slate colour and adding industrial-inspired pieces, such as black-metal Iight fixtures, furniture or accessories. A room with pale walls can also be energized by introducing a bright punch of colour, painted on the wall behind an open bookcase or around a piece of artwork, or incorporated into furnishings.

Play with finishes: Pair matte and high-gloss pastel paints side by side for a rich, current look. For example, create a chic powder room by painting the walls in alternating sheens of dusty rose, using stripes or colour blocking patterns. Or, make a statement with a piece of furniture painted a high-gloss version of the pastel wall colour. Another option is to apply pale floral-patterned wallpaper on one wall and paint the rest of the room a shade pulled from the design.

Combine with wood: There’s something breathtaking and Zen-like about soft pastels mixed with the warmth of wood. In a room featuring natural wood furnishings, trim or decorative moulding, choose a pale pastel tone for the walls and natural fibres and textures for furniture, throw pillows and rugs. Complete the nature-infused decor by bringing in flowers, plants and floral printed-accessories.