D’DAYS – The Design Festival – coming soon

D'DAYS – The Design Festival – Grand Paris

Unmissable event for both sector professionals and public, D’DAYS works to promote design in all its richness and diversity.

This year, the festival strives to present to a broad public the approaches and achievements of the industry players (designers, editors, galleries, institutions  …)

D’DAYS invests the capital, its institutions, its streets and federates those who make the design today, in France and abroad, around a community of values.

Real observation, discovery and exchange platform, around sector major issues and perspectives, the festival reveals each year, on the Grand Paris area, the energy of creative strength and innovation that design generates.

The 2016 festival theme r/evolution

Design is a discipline which brings solutions on daily life. Designers are the driving force of evolution’s concrete and visible process of our way of life.

It is the adoption of some of their proposal which establish new usages – the small revolution of our day life. Because the design doesn’t impose anything, it suggests. Actor of progress, design is at the heart of change through the 3 major points of this r/evolution:

– r/evolution of the conception

-r/evolution of the production

-r/evolution of the consumption pattern

D’Days encourage you to discover the design’s festival – Grand Paris through his 4 geographic areas 

– Palais Royal

– Bac Saint – Germain

– Marais République Bastille

– Pantin Ourcq

D’Days encourage you to exploring among the 5 co-production executed with our partners. 1 Think Life forum to inform us about future’s uses, 7 museums, 1 guest country, 2 pop-up stores, 24 schools actresses and mediators on the Festival, 3 support programs of  the young creation, with a rich program of more than 80 exhibitors, gathered in 70 locations.

The festival program has been created to guide people to experience the Festival in specific ways, and help you to choose between different events in the program, according to your interests or what you want to discover.


D’Days r/evolution from May 30 to to June 5 :

30 May :

Festival Launch – Arts Décoratifs

Late night Palais Royal 7pm-11pm

31 May :

Press morning devoted to exhibitors

Late night Bac Saint-Germain 7pm-11pm

01 June :

Speed-datings on VIA

Late night Marais République Bastille 7pm-11pm

04 June :

Sound Design Party : A day about sound design at the Gâité Lyrique 2.30pm – 12pm

Le Corps du Canal : Inauguration of the co-created sports course on the Plaine de l’Ourcq


Discover all the program on www.ddays.net