Thermador Canada celebrates 100th anniversary with new 60-inch range

Thermador is celebrating 100 years of being in the market of kitchen innovations, and to mark its anniversary, the brand has introduced the 60-inch Pro Grand Range, is rounding out its line of Culinary Preservation Centers by introducing two under counter refrigeration options, as well as unveiling a 60-inch Custom Hood Insert to match the power and performance of the new range.

60” Pro Grand Range Collection

Available this summer, the 60-inch Pro Grand Range is equipped with six patented Thermador Star Burners, including four that offer the ExtraLow simmering feature and a 22,000 BTU Power Burner. Beyond that, culinary enthusiasts can select various combinations such as grille or griddle, and steam or radiant oven, for their preferred style of cooking on the surface and interior of the appliances.

For the interior, cooks may select from:

  • An Ultimate Entertainer’s Center: a 36-inch Convection Oven alongside a 30-inch Convection Oven –  offering 10.6 cubic-feet of usable oven space, the most of any 60-inch professional-style range on the market
  • An Ultimate Culinary Center: a Convection Oven alongside a Steam and Convection Oven and Warming Drawer – making this the only 60-inch professional-style range to offer the power of steam cooking

On the surface, the cook may choose to accompany the six Star Burners with the following:

  • A Professional Grill alongside a 12-inch Griddle, providing the ability to grill indoors with genuine smoke flavor without the flare-ups as well as the option to cook on a non-stick griddle
  • A 24-inch Dual Zone Griddle, which is unrivaled in its size and cooking superiority, designed for even heating and easy cleaning, featuring a smooth, scratch-resistant surface

Additionally, the innovative venting technology in these ranges reduces back wall temperatures, enabling them to be installed with near-zero clearance, which is unique to Thermador.

60-inch Professional Series Custom Hood Insert

To accompany the power and performance of the 60-inch Pro GrandRange, in August 2016 Thermador will also introduce a 60-inch ProfessionalSeries Custom Hood and Insert. The insert will empower culinary enthusiasts to integrate a hood seamlessly into their kitchen design, and quietly and efficiently remove odor and steam from the kitchen. Both hood options feature three fan speeds, easy-to-access controls, bright halogen spotlights and a Powerfully Quietventilation system are just some of the features that make this an ideal ventilation solution in a kitchen designed for ultimate cooking.

Under Counter Refrigeration

As culinary enthusiasts continue to desire an array of appliances that enable personalization, Thermador is introducing new additions to its built-in, fully customizable FreedomCollection Culinary Preservation line: the Wine Reserve Refrigerator and Double Drawer Refrigerator. They are an ideal complement to Thermador refrigeration columns, offering more ways to create a custom culinary preservation configuration.

  • The Thermador Wine Reserve Refrigerator is an under counter solution for culinary enthusiasts. It can be installed fully flush for seamless integration into any room. The unit offers a range of features, including: six shelves crafted from Wenge wood to match the look of the FreedomCollection Wine Preservation columns; dual temperature zones that provide the ability to chill red and white wine at different temperatures; UV-tempered glass doors; and vibration control around the compressor to avoid the disturbance of sediment.
  • The Thermador Double Drawer Refrigerator is a cooling appliance that can be used in a variety of ways with just the press of a button: Refrigeration Mode to preserve fresh ingredients, Pantry Mode to store items like bread and flour at a warmer temperature, and Bar Mode to chill beverages at colder temperatures. Providing further flexibility, the Double Drawer Refrigerator offers removable dividers that can separate each drawer into different storage compartments, and in the top drawer the dividers can be placed on a ledge within the unit to create a shelf to easily stack items inside.

Thermador 60-inch Pro Range