Keilhauer unveils new stacking chair by Tom Deacon

Toronto-based Tom Deacon has designed a new stackable chair for furniture company Keilhauer.

Dubbed Trua, the chair is built from high quality materials and manufactured with 100% renewable energy. Its modern design and portable, lightweight construction make it suitable to various environments, including offices, cafeterias, conference rooms and more.

“The allure of Trua is the blend of beauty and function,” says Deacon. “Functionally, it serves as an incredibly high-density stacking chair ideally suited for occasional use. But with its clean lines and air-light feel, it has a quiet beauty that complements the surrounding space without screaming for attention.”

Trua is available in a number of models, at standard seat and barstool height, with a sled base and four-legged varieties and optional arm rests.