nora completes Environmental Product Declaration

nora completes Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) process for noraplan standard and norament standard floor coverings

EPDs provide a complete picture of the products’ environmental impact

nora systems, Inc., a manufacturer of commercial floor coverings, recently completed the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) process for noraplan standard and norament standard floor coverings. nora was the first resilient flooring manufacturer to produce third-party-verified ISO 14025-compliant EPDs, which disclose the cradle-to-grave impact of products.

“By going through the EPD process, nora demonstrates its continued commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability,” said Tim Cole, vice president of marketing at nora systems, Inc., North America. “It also shows our interest in transparency, especially as it relates to our products—what goes into them, how they are manufactured, installation procedures and their long-term environmental impact—and helps our customers make more informed purchasing decisions as they strive to meet sustainability goals.”

An EPD is a comprehensive, internationally harmonized report that documents the ways in which a product, throughout its life cycle, affects the environment. It shares product information in a consistent way, certified to a public standard and verified by a credible third party.

nora has product specific, type III EPDs certified by UL Environment in accordance with both North American and European product category rules (PCRs). The EPDs include every phase of the product life cycle, from production, installation, usage and maintenance through to the end of the product’s useful life.

The noraplan standard and norament standard EPDs apply to a broad range of nora floor coverings, specifically:

  • noraplan standard: noraplan degree, noraplan eco, noraplan environcare, noraplan sentica, noraplan unita, noraplan valua.
  • norament standard: norament grano, norament satura, norament serra, norament grano stairtreads, norament serra stairtreads and norament round/hammered stairtreads

To learn more about nora EPDs, visit the website here or the UL Environment’s website here.