Humanscale introduces Trea chair by Todd Bracher

Trea, the newest addition to the Humanscale seating family, is a Red Dot-award winning multipurpose chair that teams a clean aesthetic with high-performance function. Created in collaboration with designer Todd Bracher, Trea offers comfort by mimicking the instinctive recline of the human body and embracing the sitter in a supportive shell.

While creating this unique multipurpose chair, Bracher investigated how nature had solved the problem of integrated articulation. He was inspired by the lobster shell: an exoskeleton that moves in harmony with the living organism it protects. By following the cues of this natural design, he arrived at a solution that responds to the human body’s desire to move and recline, without knobs, dials, and levers: a “solid state” recline mechanism that adapts to sitters of all sizes. The final product is a universal chair that speaks a design language at once modern and timeless.

From its design to its interchangeable bases, Trea finds a home in residential and office settings alike.

For more information, visit the Humanscale website.