PURE opens new showroom in Montreal’s Griffintown

Kitchen-designer PURE has opened a new showroom in the vibrant neighbourhood of Griffintown in Montreal.

Griffintown is quickly becoming Montreal’s destination for upscale design, attracting avant‑garde furniture and interior decoration boutiques, as well as design professionals. PURE selected an industrial-style historic building, representative of the neighbourhood, to create an elegant, tranquil and welcoming space for the showroom—an ideal starting point for new, personalized kitchen designs.

For five years now, PURE has offered its clientele a range of collections for tailored interiors. In addition to European-made kitchens, which remain the flagship of the company, is a comprehensive range of integrated storage systems, architectural doors, fittings, lighting, furnishings and interior finishes.

A veritable gateway to Europe, PURE selects its suppliers and collections using a curated approach based on quality, innovation, functionality, freedom of composition and the elegance of the lines and materials. Brands include Cesar, Elmar, Key, Giellesse, Lema, Lualdi, Zalf Mobili, Arflex and Désirée.

 “Our role is to listen to our clients while offering advice, guiding them while attentively coordinating their projects. Italian furniture is emblematic of European concepts and comes with its own school of thought that the customer benefits from discovering. Our expertise in interior design allows us to offer a different experience from straight resellers,” said Carl Lapointe, owner and Interior Designer at PURE.