Suquet Interiors opens Yaletown Retail Shop

Suquet Interiors has announced the official opening of its new Yaletown showroom.

The space is as much a gallery of design pieces selected from around the world as it is a shop offering luxury furnishings and objects for the home. The 4,200 square foot Homer Street space demonstrates how to artfully blend rustic, traditional, modern and edgier style elements.

Originally founded by architects Georgina Tapia and the late Ramon Masana, Suquet was known for the massive stone fireplaces and facades that it first imported from Mexico and Europe, and then began producing locally. Suquet’s stonework can still be found in homes and restaurants, and on retail exteriors across the city.

The new Suquet Interiors is a retail-focused operation helmed by the original founders’ son, Ramon Masana Tapia, and his business partner, Rick Bohonis, co-founder and past-president of national interiors chain, Urban Barn. While the original handcrafted Suquet stone fireplaces have pride of place in the new shop, they sit alongside diverse range of furniture and housewares selected by Masana Tapia and Bohonis.

“Suquet has a rich history. What we’ve created in this new space is both an ode to my parents and a leap forward into something much more eclectic,” says Masana Tapia. “Our collection reflects a design aesthetic in which rustic and traditional pieces nestle perfectly alongside modern, even edgy pieces.”

The collection is diverse and luxurious, whether it’s a live-edge teak table from Indonesia, a ceramic urn from Vietnam, leather camp chairs from Texas Rover Company, or a superhero-inspired surfboard mosaic by artist Jason Dussault. “Our collection reflects the way people are designing their home today,” says Bohonis. “It’s no longer about the strict adherence to a single style or era, but rather a focus on beautiful, singular pieces, collected over time, that together make the home an expression of self.”

“And while we’ve certainly chosen the pieces that inspire us in that way, part of our vision is the act of creation with our customers,” continues Bohonis. “Discovering the things that bring our customers joy will play a big role in how Suquet evolves.”