Les Ateliers Guyon unveils new suspended chair

Suspended chairs are now a trademark for Félix Guyon, as well as for Les Ateliers Guyon as a whole. Three of his new Méliès chairs, released last May in New York at ICFF 2016, can already be found in SquareSpace’s New York headquarters and in several Lululemon stores in the United States.

“The chair has always been a challenge in both structure and style, for all designers throughout history. We tend to overlook the impressive amount of work hidden behind this object,” said Félix Guyon. “To me, the suspended chair is the ultimate challenge in this area. It has to be delicate, yet extra strong, since it floats in midair.”

The chair met an immediate success right after its official release at the May 2016 New York ICFF Design Exhibition. Guyon considers it as being part of Larose Guyon’s La Belle Époque collection, inspired by the romantic period of time in Paris’ second industrialization which historians call “La Belle Époque.” Each of their collection’s creations bears the name of a famous person from the end of the 19th century. The suspended chair’s namesake is the movie director Georges Méliès.

The suspended chair is the first of a new collection that should be launched next year. A reading chair, a dinner table chair, a coffee table and a few luminaires will also be featured. Félix Guyon has worked as an interior and custom furniture designer for the last ten years, for private clients and internationally known companies such as SID LEE Architecture and London-based Jump Studios.

Official Project Title: Méliès chair
Client: Lululemon, SquareSpace, Les Ateliers Guyon
Designers: Les Ateliers Guyon
Projet Manager: Félix Guyon
Contributors: Canevas Lachine (seat), Axis Peinture (metal), Maylissa François (leather), CBR laser (laser cutting)
Price: $2,850 USD
Project Date: May 2016
Photograph: Félix Guyon
Production: Entirely hand-made in Quebec
Materials: Aluminium, stainless steel, leather and Ferrari Soltis 86
Production: approximately 8 weeks
Size: 5’ in diameter
Weight: 15 lbs